Thomas Rhett Says “Life Took a Turn”

It Took a Year to Bring Willa Home

Willa Gray, Thomas Rhett’s 18-month-old daughter from Uganda, may be new to his fans. But he’s been getting to know her long before he and his wife Lauren brought her home to Tennessee earlier in May.

“We’ve been in the adoption process forever, so I’ve spent a bunch of time with her in Uganda. I’m somewhat of a pro at this point,” Thomas Rhett told Lousiana’s Advocate of his diaper-changing skill set. “It’s been six months of perfecting diaper changing.”

Rhett even opened up about why his little girl Willa always felt like she was his.

“A lot of people will say, ’Why her? What drew you guys to her?’ We always knew we would adopt,” he said, even though the timing of things wasn’t exactly how they’d planned it: have kids, then adopt kids. “We had this plan of having three kids and then maybe adopting a couple. But life took a turn.”

After some unsuccessful attempts at conceiving, he said, Lauren went on a couple of mission trips to this town in Uganda and met Willa as a baby.

“I remember Lauren talking about her on the phone and it literally already felt like she was ours. I can’t fully describe it. I literally blurted out one day, ’Let’s bring her home,'” he said, and they started that process over a year ago.

“I can’t imagine how overwhelmed she is by seeing all the stuff here that she didn’t have in Uganda, and eating the food here that she didn’t have in Uganda, and having easy access to water. For us, it’s been the most amazing blessing that we could ever ask for,” he said.

“She’s changing our lives as much as I hope we’re changing hers.”

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