Little Big Town: The Wine Revelations

Truths Come Out During New Interview

There must be something in the wine.

Because when Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight, and they started drinking some red and some white wine, the truths started to pour out.

Some more revealing than others.

Fairchild admitted that she was once thrown out of a dry casino one time because they were drinking. That she has taken a drink right from the wine bottle before. And that the band has written some great songs while drunk.

Schlapman admitted that when the band was just getting started, they played a lot of “Never Have I Ever” in their van just to kill time on the road. And that she once fell on to Dolly Parton and she was very cushy.

Westbrook admitted that the band has written a few ridiculous — possibly raunchy — songs while drunk. That he thinks that drinking relaxes you and turns off the voices in your head. And that he has had some awkward run-ins with Blake Shelton.

And Sweet admitted that the band has performed after having had a few too many. That Kenny Rogers gave Schlapman a shot of tequila at a label function once. That he has spilled red wine on someone’s expensive bag on an airplane. And that he was once kicked out of a bar.

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