Dierks Bentley: His Heart’s in the Road

Best of Both Worlds from Telluride to Tampa

Dierks Bentley feels like he’s getting away with something, and he says it’s unbelievable.

Bentley recently talked to reporters about his latest No. 1 hit, and the tour that had him playing songs at a bluegrass festival in Telluride one night and then at a massive amphitheater show in Tampa the next night.

“I love obviously the standing still and playing with a bluegrass band and the energy that comes with five guys harmonizing and playing together,” Bentley told CMT.com, “but then to also get the chance to go onstage and shotgun beers with fans and stage dive multiple times and run out to the grass and people are throwing beers on me and I’m going crazy on that energy and Red Bull.

“That’s just crazy that I get to do that. It’s a weird thing that’s been going on my whole life and having both those worlds available to me.”

But because he is devoting the bulk of his summer to the road, Bentley has had to put any new music on the back burner.

“I’ve got nothing. I can’t do the summer. I can’t put my heart into the road in the summer — and not only do it well, but also really enjoy it — when I’m working on projects at the same time,” he said. “So I’ve kind of learned to just tell people no and I’ll work on it in the fall.”

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