Blake Shelton’s Unlikely Sign of Genius

All New CMT Hot 20 Countdown Airs This Weekend

Some fashion critics think it’s a crime to wear the same look every day.

Mark Zuckerberg loves his grey T-shirts. Albert Einstein rarely deviated from his grey suits, while Steve Jobs had his signature black turtlenecks.

So what does that say about Blake Shelton and his affinity for dark button downs?

“I look back at my meet-and-greet pictures on Twitter, and literally I have on the same two shirts I’ve worn for the last two or three years,” Shelton told Cody Alan on an all-new CMT Hot 20 Countdown airing this weekend. “It makes me feel like a country singer. I’m not like the new kids with the T-shirts and the baseball caps.”

His girlfriend Gwen Stefani always has been a trendsetter whether she’s in a furry blue bikini top on the red carpet, dressed like a harajuku girl or looking glam on The Voice. She could easily give him advice on how to update his look. But it sounds like she prefers to let her man dress himself.

“I think she feels like it’s a lost hopeless cause,” Shelton said. “You know what I mean? ’Oh, there’s that shirt that you wear every day. So, it’s clean. So, you’re going to put it on today again.'”

Shelton also talked about his new Smithworks vodka, working with the Oak Ridge Boys and welcoming Kelly Clarkson to The Voice.

Shelton’s full interview with from backstage at Penn State’s Happy Valley Jam will be featured on an all-new CMT Hot 20 Countdown, airing Saturday and Sunday (July 15-16) at 9 a.m. ET/PT.