Positivity Is the Best Medicine on Old Dominion’s Happy Endings

Band Talks Sophomore Album Arriving Aug. 25

The best part about listening to Old Dominion is hearing how the band’s music turns everyday life on its head and makes it more meaningful. Everything that happens around members Matt Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Whit Sellers, Geoff Sprung and Brad Tursi serves as a perpetual source of inspiration for their music.

This practice is exhibited throughout their sophomore album, Happy Endings, which offers playful escapism with moments that can happen at any time.

“As a songwriter, to keep any kind of edge, you have to be open to ideas from anywhere,” frontman Matt Ramsey said during the band’s CMT.com interview. “And we’re always trying to do that.”

On the collection’s Little Big Town collaboration, “Stars in the City,” a couple almost hits another car while making a U-turn on a city street. The swerve causes the driver to spill coffee on his jeans. He thinks they’re ruined, but the girl in the passenger seat says, “No, they’re better now. It’s just a matter of perspective. … It’s the little imperfections that make them unique.”

In “Hotel Key,” a key to a hotel room conjures up memories of a romantic weekend out of town. Then the love song “Be With Me” carries undertones of girl power messages with the lyrics, “You could be the president/You would get my vote/You could be the captain of whatever floats your boat.”

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