Why Dierks Bentley Is So Outdoorsy

There’s Nothing Like Being Off the Grid

The world’s smart phone addiction is a very real thing. But it’s probably easier to kick the habit if you have someone like Dierks Bentley in your corner.

He recommends that instead of looking down at your phone, look up at the stars.

“It’s just getting off the grid, getting away from technology and looking up at the stars at night. There’s nothing like it,” Bentley told People about his love for camping in the great outdoors.

Or just in his backyard in Nashville with his kids.

“They love to camp whether it’s just in the backyard or somewhere out in the national parks back home. My kids love S’mores — the main motivation to get them to go camping was to make S’mores,” he said of Jordan, 7, and Evalyn, 8, and Knox, 3.

And since he worries about spending too much time on a screen, for him and for his kids, Bentley goes old school and carries a flip phone so that he’s not tempted to check it as often. (It’s not like you can scroll through your Instagram feed, upload pictures to tweet, or Google the name of that song in your head when all you have is a flip phone, right?)

“I actually carry a flip phone as much as possible to remind myself that there’s more to look at than just my phone. We have a saying on the road as a band called ’living life.’

“There were so many moments where we used to do nothing but sit on the bus, and there was no life being lived,” he said.