The Ultimate Dierks Bentley Reward

Lifelong Fans Get Lifetime Pass

Add Dierks Bentley to the list of country singers saying that their fans are their family. But as far as I can tell, Bentley is the only artist to be giving his fan family the best perk ever.

“Our fans are family. I think that’s why Vegas hit so hard,” Bentley told the CMA backstage during rehearsals for Wednesday night’s (Nov. 8) show. “That line between the stage in the audience is non-existent. I have some fans who’ve been coming out for so long, I gave them a lifetime pass. And they can come back to our vibe room and hang out.”

It sounds like those same fans are the reason Bentley is going to stick with country.

“Why would I ever want to cross over? Country music has all those fans within it. Once they invest in you, they’re kind of with you for life. It’s a pretty good genre to be in,” he said.

Bentley would know. He’s been part of country music and the CMA since he was an intern — he helped artists get to and from the stage, so picture him looking dead serious with a headset on — about 20 years ago.

“I had the chance to worked for the CMA way back in the day as an intern, so I’ve seen it from all sides.

“I don’t take it for granted. This is a really lucky thing to be part of,” he said.