Little Big Town Play Brentwood Benefit

Nashville Boosts Music & Memory Awareness

This is the life. Going to an intimate Little Big Town concert, being greeted with trays of champagne, and knowing the whole night that you’re a part of something even greater.

That was the scene on Thursday evening (Nov. 16) at the Nashville estate of celebrated jewelry designer Johnathon Arndt and his husband, Newman.

The Arndts opened their home and welcomed guests for the fundraiser to benefit the Academy of Country Music’s Lifting Lives presentation of Music and Memory. The group takes gently used iPod and other digital music devices and fills them with personalized therapeutic playlists to tap into deep memories not lost to dementia.

Actor and author Kimberly Williams-Paisley was on hand to shared her experiences with Music and Memory, and how she lost her mother to Alzheimer’s a year ago. Her husband Brad Paisley was at the event as well. Kim Campbell, the wife of the late Glen Campbell, was there too, to talk about how much music helped during the final stages of her husband’s battle with Alzheimer’s.

When it was time for Little Big Town to take the stage in the Arndt’s new ballroom, they said, “We play music, and music is what we have.” And according to a press release, the band gave generously to the Music and Memory charity.

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