All Keith Urban Wants for Christmas is Oz

Heading Home for a Big Summer Christmas

If you ask Nicole Kidman, her idea of a traditional holiday doesn’t include all the trimmings of an American Christmas. And Us Weekly did ask her, and she shared her plans for the upcoming season with Keith Urban and their two little girls, Sunday and Faith.

“We go back to Australia,” Kidman said.

“We go back for the heat. We want to be on the beach for Christmas, no snow,” she said, even though the forecast for next week in Nashville is in the 50s. “We love the ocean and shrimp.”

And family. Kidman and Urban still have most of their extended families living in Australia. Both of their fathers are deceased, though. Kidman’s father Antony died in 2014 and Urban’s father Robert died in 2015.

“My mother and my husband’s mother both live in Australia so we go back home. My sister, and (I), we have a big summer Christmas,” she shared, “which I know sounds bizarre to Americans.”

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