Keith Urban Sets the Marriage Bar High

How He's Inspiring Newlywed Kelsea Ballerini

Eleven years ago, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were the newlyweds, probably looking at other couples as role models. And now, Urban and Kidman are the role models to newlyweds Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans.

They especially love that two-week rule.

“I remember Morgan saying he read an article on Keith and Nicole,” Ballerini shared with People. “They’re the ultimate power couple and so in love. And reading something about how they have a two-week rule where they just figure it out. Whether she’s shooting a movie somewhere or he’s touring somewhere, they always see each other every two weeks. They don’t go longer than that.”

It’s a good habit whether you are a star or not, but as Ballerini explained, she and Evans are both getting into their busiest seasons separately, and it’s a good goal to set.

“It’s been hard. We’ve broken it once,” she admitted. But when it does work, the pay off is a good one. “You hold each other accountable to make time for each other and prioritize each other, and you get to go on cool dates in random places.”

Evans’ point of view on the rule is that even if they try to stick to it, that’s what matters.

“Sometimes it’s impossible to keep to that, but it’s a nice thing to aim for,” Evans said. “And best case scenario, we get to see each other every two weeks.”

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