Nashville: The Big Moments From Season 6 Episode 2

It's Never Too Late for a Second Chance

The follow-up to the season premiere was full of eye-opening experiences and second chances.

Relive some of the biggest moments from the episode:

  1. Farmers’ Market Reunion

    Deacon and Jessie share a mini-reunion, after which Scarlett urges him to stop hiding his feelings.

  2. Here to Help

    Avery wants Juliette to talk to a doctor, but she reveals her plan to see Darius Enright.

  3. Making a Move

    Deacon asks Jessie out.

  4. A Little Hesitant

    Jessie agrees to Deacon’s offer.

  5. Something’s Different

    Scarlett isn’t sure she wants to continue performing.

  6. Giving Back

    Juliette goes to talk to Darius, but instead gets her hands dirty on a work site.

  7. Bringing the Fun Back

    Will and Gunnar share the stage again.

  8. Learning the Hard Way

    Juliette is pushed to her breaking point, but instead learns her own power.

  9. Avery’s Intervention

    Gunnar and Will surprise Avery by making him a member of their unofficial band.

  10. Maybe We Should Be Friends

    Jessie and Deacon’s date starts out rocky.

  11. Scarlett Walks Away

    She walks away before taking the stage at a guitar pull.

  12. This Kiss

    Jessie and Deacon’s date ends on a high note

  13. Juliette Has a Decision to Make

    She returns home and needs to talk to Avery.

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