Aaron Watson: “Two Chords and Sexy”

How He Describes His Passionate New Tune

Aaron Watson has been married for 14 years. He and his wife Kim have three busy kids, 8-11, with sports and dance and school commitments. And yet, the country singer’s found a couple of ways to keep the fires burning.

One, he knows just what to do when life starts getting in the way of lovin.’ “There’s not a lot of time for the more intimate side of the relationship. We’ve got baseball, we’ve got ballet, we’ve got church — it’s like every night there’s something. Every once in a while, I have to go, ’Time out.’ I call my mom and my dad, like, ’Hey, can you watch the kids? I need to take Kimberly out on a hot date,'” Watson told Billboard Country Update.

Two, he wrote a song about it. His new “Run Wild Horses” — which he insists is about love-making, not sex — is one from his 2017 Vaquero album.

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