Before the Music, Kid Rock Tackles Five Minutes of Issues

Concert Becomes Rallying Cry and Call to Action

All Kid Rock is running for right now is the greatest (expletive) show on earth.

But when his Chicago concert on Friday (March 16) turned into something of a political rally, it was easy to see how he could win just about any election that gave his fans the power to vote. After opening the show with his “Greatest Show on Earth,” Kid Rock turned serious as he addressed the capacity crowd with talk of healthcare issues, welfare reform, childcare struggles, religion and terrorism.

It went something like this.

“Chicago (expletive) Illinois. What in the hell is going on in the world today? Seems like not too long ago, the government wanted to make sure everybody had health insurance, but they wanted all us working-class folks to pay. Well, to be quite frank, I personally really didn’t have a problem with that. But only because God has blessed me with the power to work hard and made my pockets fat,” Rock told the sea of fans at the United Center.

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