Garth Brooks: “Do. Not. Let. Hate. Win.”

Shares Unreleased Song "The Road From Here to Gone"

There’s a segment in Garth Brooks’ Inside Studio G weekly video chats called Primetime, when Brooks talks about current events. At issue this week was the March for Our Lives marches across the country scheduled for Saturday (March 24).

After Brooks answered questions and doled out advice to the children and families marching this weekend, he also played a song he thought fit the moment. It was never recorded, but Brooks said he’d written with Tony Arata (“The Dance”). He didn’t say what it was called — possibly “The Road From Here to Gone” — and it was written almost as a vow to his children that he would make the world a better place for them.

It has a similar message to Brooks’ 1996 single “The Change,” which Arata also wrote, with change-the-world lyrics such as “It’s not the world that I am changing/I do this so this world will know/That it will not change me.” The video for that song was a tribute the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing.

“When you march, you have a voice and you’re representing yourself. Be patient. Be loving. There might be some cross voices,” Brooks said. “Do. Not. Let. Hate. Win.”

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