Thomas Rhett and Wife’s Baby Whisperer

Daughter Willa Gray Interprets Sister’s Language

Adoption was part of the plan and dream for Thomas Rhett’s wife, Lauren Akins.

Her mother is adopted, so the story has always been a part of her life and one that she wanted to continue for her own family. That wasn’t necessarily the case for her husband, however, who had never really been close to adoption.

He wasn’t closed off to the idea, but he’d never really pondered it quite like his better half.

So imagine his wife’s surprise when Rhett was the one who spoke up with the idea to adopt Willa Gray after learning of the little girl’s plight in a Ugandan orphanage.

“I love that it started with him,” she told Southern Living during a recent shoot for the magazine, “because so much of me wanting to adopt, I always felt like it was more me, but he just jumped right on the train and never looked back.”

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