Taylor Swift Thanks Everyone for “Babe” Love

"I'm So Happy That It Gets Its Own Life"

The life of Sugarland’s new Taylor Swift collaboration “Babe” started six years ago.

In a new Instagram video, Swift revealed she wrote it with Pat Monahan — the frontman for the rock band Train — way back when she was working on songs for her 2012 Red album.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the nice things you’ve been saying about ’Babe.’ It’s a song that I wrote with Pat Monahan when I was making the Red album. And I’m so happy that it gets its own life. I’m so happy that Sugarland wanted to record it, and has done such a great job with it,” Swift says. “And I’m so stoked I get to sing on it, too.”


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The modern done-me-wrong song is textbook Swift, with clever word plays like “I hate that because of you, I can’t love you, babe.”

The Swift collaboration is the follow-up single to the duo’s “Still the Same.” Both songs will be on Sugarland’s upcoming comeback album Bigger, due out on June 8.

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