Jason Aldean’s Miranda Lambert Duet That Almost Wasn’t

“If You’re Not, I Am," Aldean Told Tyler Farr

If you think the idea of a Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert duet sounds familiar, you’re right. The two stars collaborated about nine years ago, on the Brett James and Hillary Lindsey penned “Grown Woman” from Aldean’s Relentless album.

So much has changed for both of them since 2007, but guess what. Their voices still sound so good together.

On Aldean’s latest album Rearview Town, he sings “Drowns the Whiskey” — written by Brandon Kinney, Jeff Middleton and Josh Thompson — with Lambert. And he told CMT.com about how it almost didn’t happen, because Tyler Farr had dibs on it.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Country Thunder USA

“Funny thing about that song, it’s Tyler Farr. I can’t remember if he had the song or if the song got sent to me, and I played it for him, and I can’t remember exactly how it went down. But at any rate, he wasn’t really into the song,” Aldean told CMT.com. “And I kept talking him into recording it, and he just wasn’t feeling it or whatever.

“I told him, ’If you’re not going to cut this, I am.'”

And in the meantime, Aldean said, he’d been trying to find something he could cut with Lambert on this record. Enter this ballad of drinking the heartbreak away: “I’m living proof that 80 proof ain’t got a shot at touching you.”

“I sent her a couple of things, and this was one of them. This was the one she locked onto. And came in and killed it,” he said.

Aldean said that his goal on this new record was to go back to what he has been so good at from his very first one. “We kind of had an anything-goes mentality. We didn’t care what the song was, are people going to be shocked by it when we cut it, or whatever. It was just if we liked it, we were going to go for it. And we weren’t really scared of the shock factor, I think,” he said, adding that he put the safe songs on the back burner.

“We needed to go out and find those songs that are the wow songs,” he said, “that either people are going to hate them or they’re going to love them. But either way, it’s going to get that reaction out of them.

“They’re not down the middle. That was our goal for this record.”