Kip Moore: Drinking and Thinking

Charlie Worsham Earns His Applause and Then Some

It’s good to have a guy like Kip Moore in your corner; especially when he’s had a couple drinks.

Moore took in a show at Nashville’s Station Inn — the tiny-but-mighty bluegrass proving ground — this week, and after filming the part of Charlie Worsham’s acoustic show when everyone in the room applauded, he decided to speak his mind after lowering his inhibitions the old-fashioned way.

“Had just enough to drink to say I just don’t get it sometimes,” Moore wrote on social media on Wednesday (Aug. 22).

“Maybe we’re too distracted to focus, maybe the vanity has stripped our true senses, or maybe we’re just slipping intellectually,” he added. “I don’t know, but it’s tough to watch someone this talented get passed over for auto-tune, tracks, & songs w no meat on the bone.”

It’s not the first time Moore has opined on the state of country music today. But he’s good about balancing that commentary with good vibes about the music he does love, the progress he’s made, and the fans who have backed him every step of the way.

“Keep chugging Charlie,” he said. “There will always be a crowd that loves & appreciates the craft.”

Worsham and Moore have toured together a handful of times. Once as part of the CMT on Tour line-up in 2014 (see this year’s CMT on Tour: Here Tonight schedule featuring Brett Young, Rachel Wammack and Tyler Rich), and earlier this year in Australia. After their run Down Under, Moore posted a message to Worsham: “Your time is comin’ bud. Keep fighting the good fight & the universe will work it’s magic in your favor.”

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