Racing Wives Sneak Peek: Mariel’s Not Backing Down From the Busch Wives

In a sneak peek of the next episode, Mariel says she acknowledges she may have gone too far at the dinner party, but that she felt pressure to stand up for her BFF.

Where the disastrous Racing Wives dinner is concerned (we’re still reeling over the awkwardness), you can rest assured that Mariel intends to make amends with the Busch wives, Samantha and Ashley. Still, she’s got no plans to kiss their rings, and in the sneak peek of Episode 3 below, she makes her stance on the group’s shifting social dynamics clear.
While enjoying some spa treatments with best pal Whitney in the clip above, Mariel admits her behavior at the dinner party — which included an unflattering impression of Ashley and plenty of pointed looks — was a little bit childish. Still, she insists she was lashing out as a means to protect Whitney from what she saw as needless judgment from the party’s other guests.

“I don’t want Whit to feel like she has to fit in and lose who she is,” Mariel says. “That’s what I fell in love with — her, who’s an amazing person, who didn’t care about stuff like that.”

Whitney reminds Mariel that life as a driver’s wife can be lonely, and that she sometimes lets snide comments pass because she’s afraid to stand up for herself and risk isolation from the other wives. Mariel finally says she understands.

Still, she’s got no intentions of giving Samantha and Ashley the benefit of the doubt.

“Hearing what Whitney says about wanting to be friends with Sam and Ashley makes me think,” she says. “I need to put myself in her shoes more often. But that doesn’t mean I have to trust [the Busch wives] or their intentions with my best friend.”

Think the road to reconciliation is ahead, or are there more social slick spots to come? Share your thoughts and be sure to tune in to the next Racing Wives episode Friday at 10/9c!