DCC: Making the Team Season 14, Ep. 5 Recap: Uniform Fittings + First Cuts

Ugh, the First Cuts Really are the Deepest

(SPOILER ALERT: this recap contains major details from last night’s episode. If you’ve not watched yet, we suggest catching up and then reading along.)

Last night (Aug. 30) on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, the claws were out.

We mean, like, actual cat claws (and acrylic human ones, too) as Kat learned at the nail salon that she was officially in need of a place to live immediately at the top of the episode.

Apparently, her host family is deathly allergic to her cat and she isn’t about to part ways with her beloved kitty.

Ugh. This is just the drama she needs right before heading into a huge night of rehearsals, where the girls will head to the field for the first time in training camp to learn the famous kick line and jump splits…

Gina Marie is super nervous about it all, and Meredith, too, who’s never done a jump split before. Remember, they both ended up in Kelli’s office at the end of last week’s episode, and starting tonight, Kelli and Judy are looking to make roster cuts.


So basically, the girls get a rundown on how important the jump splits are—how they show endurance and stamina, ability and all of a sudden, we feel like we’re being called into Kelli’s office.

We’re with you Meredith, this is scary.

On the other hand, how sweet are those veterans, helping the rookies? We love these girls.

Ashley H, Kat, and Gina Marie all get notes, but man, it’s hard not to when you’re up against that challenge.

Gina Morgan pops in to bring the results of the CORE Personality Tests to Judy and Kelli. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper with these ladies. Honestly, this is fascinating stuff—based on these results the girls will now be split into conscious, strategic groups that aim to help everyone succeed and perform to their highest potential.

And then, the group leaders are announced. For group one: Amy and Miranda; group two: Maddie and Lexi; group three: Heather and Alexis; group four: Tess and Gina.

Once dance rehearsal begins, Kelli and Judy begin calling girls into the office. What?! They aren’t even waiting until the end of the night.

Pour us another glass of wine, stat.

So, Ashley H. is up first. Kelli and Judy noticed flexibility issues on the field today and for them, this is apparently a non-negotiable, time-consuming issue. Sadly, Ashley H. is sent home tonight, and honestly, we were shocked that it happened so quickly.

Kelli does make an excellent observation about not dragging out tough decisions in an effort to prevent hurting the girls more in the long run.

You can absolutely tell that this hurts Kelli and Judy just as much as it does the girls being sent home.

Ashley, work on it and come back, beautiful.

Gina Marie is back in the office—Kelli and Judy think she has great potential, but is overwhelmed by all the choreography. Unfortunately, tonight is her last night, too. But they encourage Gina Marie to take a year of dance classes and come back more experienced.

And that’s exactly what she should do.

And then the moment everyone has been waiting for: Uniform. Lisa, the longtime DCC seamstress joins Kelli to help get the girls measured and fitted in that famous DCC blouse, vest, and shorts. For 47 seasons, the uniform has been a symbol of pop culture, hard work, and excellence.

For today, Kelli and Lisa are worried about the bust, waist and proper booty coverage, of course, because you’ve gotta keep it classy on the field.

We were particularly touched when Alexandra teared up during her fitting. After five years of returning to re-audition, the determined beauty is trying on the uniform for the first time. That’s what perseverance looks like, people.

SURPRISE! We were so thrilled to see Travis Wall back in the dance studio—his choreography is insane and his personality is even better.

“Put those pom-poms down!” Gah, we love him. Wall brings out the truly artistic sides of the girls with a lyrical-esque, contemporary yet funky character-driven routine.

Some of the girls struggle with the style. But not the rookies—dang, girls! They nailed it.

Victoria and Lisa NAILED it. Travis was impressed.

And then, after watching a pom routine, he wasn’t as much. Bless it, he does get put on the spot in a conference with Kelli and Judy to give his honest opinions about all of the dancers.

Victoria is his favorite; Lisa rocked it and his routine brought her to life; Lily seemed fearful; Meredith is struggling with timing; Kat didn’t grab his attention and it’s all just too much for the Emmy-winning choreographer.

“I hate auditions, I hate cutting people,” Travis said. We would, too, and we do not envy their jobs.

Bret gets called into the office based on “lukewarm” reviews from guest choreographers—Kelli feels as though Bret is being out-performed and needs her to “dial it up a little.” She is safe—for tonight. Whew.

Kat is next to be called in. She’s funny, she’s beautiful, she’s magnetic—she doesn’t have as much technical skill, but does that matter? Not as much. “It might be that you do need more time,” Kelli told her. And more education and awareness of technical dance. And she’s gotta get her living situation figured out. In the meantime, she remains safe.

Until next week, fans. An all-new Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team airs next Friday, Sept. 6 at 9 PM ET/8 CT on CMT.

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