After Bidding War, Brad Paisley TV Show Lands at Amazon

Fish Out of Water: A Show About a Show

Nothing like having people fight over you to make you feel good about yourself.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, after a multi-outlet bidding war, Amazon came out the winner of the Brad Paisley TV comedy called Fish Out of Water. Paisley will star in the show and will also play the part of one of the executive producers. He’ll be partnering with funnyman actor and writer Will Arnett, along with A.D. Miles, Peter Principato, Marc Forman and more.

It sounds like it will be, ironically, a peek inside celebrity vanity projects. So Paisley will be tasked with starting up a fishing show without it “turning into his own personal Frye Festival.” Fishing is something Paisley knows very, very well, and maybe this show will be set up a little bit like the fictional Brad Paisley Bass Invitational from 2002.

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