Nashville Squares Ready to Turn Country Icons Into Comedy Kings + Queens

CMT's brand new game show, which premieres in November, will feature legends like Tanya Tucker and Marie Osmond competing in a familiar tic-tac-toe game show.

Where the history of country music is concerned, “square” is no longer just a prefix for a famous dance routine — soon, it’ll describe a CMT event that’s likely to leave you in a laughing fit.

The network has officially announced the premiere of Nashville Squares, a riff on the classic Hollywood Squares and VH1’s Hip Hop Squares game shows that’ll find country icons like Tanya Tucker and Marie Osmond trying their luck as comedy kings and queens as they try to help contestants answer trivia questions. Debuting in November, Nashville Squares will follow its predecessors’ traditional tic-tac-toe format, but will take the concept one step further by featuring “exciting musical moments, fun and unpredictable competition, dance choreography from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: All Stars, and much more,” according to a press release.

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