After Six Albums, Miranda Lambert Finally Shares a Soft Smile

"I’m a Scorpio, and I’m a Woman, So That Equals Emotion," She Says

Think back to all six of Miranda Lambert’s album covers. There’s not a smile to be had. It’s six straight shots of Lambert’s badass emotions: pensive, mournful, tortured, vengeful, pissed and/or dead serious.

But she’s smiling now. It’s kind of a demure soft smile, but a smile nonetheless.

“That smile may just be the wildcard I pulled out of my sleeve this time because of where I’ve gotten in my life,” Lambert told Billboard Country Update about how her Wildcard cover reflects her current state of newlywed bliss. (Lambert and her husband Brendan McLoughlin are on the verge of their first wedding anniversary.)

Elsewhere in the story, Lambert shares what went into the making of her latest single off Wildcard, “Bluebird.”

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