14 Valentines, From “Forever Love” to “Faithless Love”

"Real Love," "Poison Love," "Young Love" ...

There was a very popular song by the Four Aces in 1955 called “Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing.” Scientists and songwriters have since learned that love is also a many-splintered thing.

It can lift you up, slap you down, sap your bank account, move real estate, enrich publishing houses, impair your punctuality, play hell with your hygiene, terrify your parents, enrage your landlord, ruin friendships, drag you through court and muss your hair beyond recognition. In other words, love is the Google of all emotions.

Now, as an aid to searching hearts, we present this catalog of loves to look for and to look out for. Don’t thank us. We live to serve.

“Brotherly Love”
(Keith Whitley and Earl Thomas Conley, No. 2, 1991)

A tender tribute to the bond between brothers, even though, when young, “they fought like tigers.” The song was released two years after Whitley died.

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