Keith Urban Shares the “Crazy Stuff” That Developed When He Got a Polaroid

WATCH: Barefoot Urban Shows Up Everywhere at This Trippy Pool Party

Long before we could all fit an entire collection of photo albums in our pocket, Polaroids were about as instant as it got. Because the pictures you took developed right before your eyes.

And even though we don’t technically need the retro camera anymore, the world can’t get enough of the grainy kind of images you only get with a Polaroid. Including Keith Urban. He released a new track called “Polaroid” on Friday (April 24), so his fans can really TGIF.

“I really connected with the song. I used to have this house that I lived in with a few guys in my band and at some point,” Urban explained in a press release, “someone gave us this Polaroid camera. We used it to take pictures of everybody and everything — crazy stuff that happened. We had all of them posted on a big board and I so clearly saw that the minute I heard the song.”

This new song is another in a series Urban is releasing in advance of his album coming this fall. It was written by Sam Fischer, Steph Jones, Geoff Warburton, Griffen Palmer and Mark Trussell. And as for the video, shot at a backyard pool party, Urban shares that the swooping and the freeze framing made for the perfect backdrop for the song about the night it was taken/I didn’t have a clue/that someday I’d be something more/than just a boy in a Polaroid with you.

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