Gone West Reflect, Literally, on “What Could’ve Been”

Rising band includes Colbie Caillat, Justin Kawika Young, Jason Reeves, and Nelly Joy

Gone West is the country group that keeps on going. Before launching as a band, all four members had established a foothold in the music industry. Colbie Caillat landed a Top 10 pop hit in 2007 with “Bubbly,” which she wrote with Jason Reeves; meanwhile, Justin Kawika Young has secured 10 No. 1 records in Hawaii and Nelly Joy (who is married to Jason Reeves) made a mark at country radio in 2010 with Jane Dear Girls.

Together, their vocal blend and songwriting skills are impressive — an ever-shifting landscape of warm tones and tumultuous relationships. Their debut album, Canyons, arrives on Friday, and knowing that Caillat and Young ended their 10-year romance just a few months ago adds another layer of emotion to its 13 songs.

Watch the video for their breakout country hit, “What Could’ve Been,” and read our interview below the player.

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