UPDATE: The Dixie Chicks Drop the Dixie, So Their New Name Is The Chicks

Are They Following Lady A's Lead, and If So, Who Is Next?

“@dixiechicks does not exist.”

That’s the error message you might’ve seen on social media on Thursday (June 25) if you tried to look up the country trio.

And now we know why: the band has dropped the word “dixie” from their name, and will now go by simply The Chicks. Or, @TheChicks if you’re on socials. Their band name was originally inspired in 1989 by Little Feat’s “Dixie Chicken”: If you’ll be my Dixie chicken, I’ll be your Tennessee lamb/And we can walk together down in Dixieland. That song was also covered by Garth Brooks on his 1992 album The Chase. It was written by Lowell George and Martin Kibbee.

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