That Empty Nest: Garth Brooks Is Here For It

"Send ‘Em On Down the Road" Still Hits Him Hard Every Time He Listens

Coronavirus or no coronavirus, this time of year can be very bittersweet as parents are sending their kids off to college and/or beyond.

And Garth Brooks knows all about that emotional roller coaster, because his daughters Taylor, August and Allie are all grown and flown. During one of his recent Inside Studio G Facebook chats with his fans, Brooks opened up about the one song of his that gets right to the heart of that feeling.

“Here comes a song, and (Trisha Yearwood) goes, ‘Do not turn this off.’ She took my hand, held it, and it was a song called, ‘Send ‘Em On Down the Road,'” Brooks recalled of a recent moment with his wife. “Sorry about this. I haven’t listened to it since we cut it. I can’t. She made me listen to it. Just cryin’ like a baby.”

Brooks recorded the song — written by prolific hitmakers Marc Beeson and Allen Shamblin — for his 2014 Man Against Machine album.

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