LISTEN: David Nail Releases New EP Bootheel 2020

What He Had to Say About Getting Back to Country (and Possibly Bluegrass) Roots on New EP

It’s safe to say that even with the turmoil the Covid-19 pandemic has created, David Nail has had a very productive quarantine.

Nail and his wife Catherine and their 5-year-old twins welcomed a baby girl Ellie in October. And now he’s welcoming some brand new songs, all of which he penned by himself.

That new EP Bootheel 2020 is out today (Dec. 11). It’s the first batch of songs from Nail since his autobiographical 2019 Oh, Mother EP and his 2018 Only This and Nothing More, a project that had him leaning more rock and less country with a band he fronted called the Well Ravens.

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