Looking Back at When Faith Hill Landed at No. 1 with “It Matters to Me”

How Has It Been 25 Years Since Her Ballad Blew Us Away?

On January 13, 1996, country’s most promising newcomer — Faith Hill — landed at the top of the country charts with “It Matters to Me.” It was her third trip to the top spot, but her first time with a ballad.

The song, penned by Ed Hill and Mark Sanders, is one of the saddest country songs. All about a couple growing apart and falling out of love, and even worse, how it only matters to one of them. It’s a heartbreaking tale that is sadly a timeless one. But not one that Hill and her husband Tim McGraw can relate to. They were married later that year, on Oct. 6 1996, and have been living happily ever after ever since.

Ron Davis

“It Matters to Me” was released in November 1995 as the title track from Hill’s second album.

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