Florida Georgia Line’s Band Name Was Almost Orange Peach

While preparing to release their latest album, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard revealed the origins of their duo's name

Brian Kelley is from Florida, while Tyler Hubbard hails from Georgia. The simplicity of how hit-making tandem Florida Georgia Line developed their name is one of the more defining aspects of the group’s mainstream appeal. However, according to Kelley, this wasn’t always the case.

To Parade, half of the perennial country chart-topping duo noted that he and Hubbard wanted to try to come up with a way to honor their home states of Florida and Georgia after living together for two years in Nashville and deciding to pursue music seriously. “Orange Peach was an early suggestion,” notes the singer-songwriter. Florida is famed for its oranges, while Georgia’s renowned for its peaches initially spurred the name Orange Peach.

It didn’t stick.

“We were all at the house, and we’d been playing writers rounds and were like, ‘Well, if we’re going to be a duo, we’re going to take this thing seriously, we need a name,’” Kelley continues. “We had to stop showing up as Brian and Tyler, we needed a name, so we put our heads together and said ‘I want to represent where I’m from, and you want to represent where you’re from.’ Two states got thrown out and then the ‘Line’ and it kind of stuck. It never felt like we should change it.”

Life Rolls On — Florida-Georgia Line’s fifth studio album — will be released on February 12. In regards to how the band has evolved since the days where they were almost known as Orange Peach, Tyler Hubbard offered the following:

“We’ve come a long way since 2012 when we dropped our first album. It’s wild to think about the journey we’ve been on – the things we’ve got to do, the places music has taken us. We’re celebrating life and the good times, the ups and the downs, and the journey it took us to get where we’re at.”