Zac Brown Band’s Latest Video Is a Tribute to Fathers and Daughters

“As a father to four girls myself, I know firsthand how special the father-daughter bond is,” Zac Brown says

Zac Brown Band delves into the deep and lasting bond between fathers and daughters in their new music video for “The Man Who Loves You the Most.”

The video, directed by Jocelyn Cooper, is a “love letter to father-daughter pairs everywhere” and opens by depicting a woman in her apartment, looking at a story on her phone about a surge in COVID-19 cases. She sees an old videotape marked “Emma + Dad,” and begins watching old home footage of herself as a child with her father—scenes of them painting her bedroom and playing in a park. Later scenes show her father helping her to pack for college and then walking her down the aisle on her wedding day. The video closes with a bittersweet twist, revealing through a series of text messages between Emma and her mother that Emma’s father apparently passed away too soon.

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