LISTEN: Chris & Morgane Stapleton Collaborate With Leslie Jordan On New Single

"A lot of people have recorded ["Farther Along"], but wait until you hear our version," says the actor and social media star.

Actor Leslie Jordan’s parlaying his quarantine social media boom into a forthcoming, previously-announced country album, Company’s Comin’ out April 2nd on Platoon Records. Alongside duets with Dolly Parton, Eddie Vedder, Brandi Carlile, and Ashley McBryde, he also has the single “Farther Along,” where he pairs with Chris and Morgane Stapleton.

Regarding the single, Jordan noted on his Apple Music radio program Hunker Down, “I think it’s so giving of Chris to let Morgan take the lead on this one because she tears it up. A lot of people have recorded [“Farther Along”] over the years, but wait until you hear our version. I sang a little bit, and then I preach in it a little bit. And then, all of a sudden, here [Chris Stapleton] comes, belting out, “Farther along!” I almost wet myself every time I hear it. I’ll run it forward just to that part, listen to it over and over again.”

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