CMT INTERVIEW AND PREMIERE: Drake Milligan Talks “Dreamsville” Film, New EP, George Strait, And More

Trust in myself, show up on time, and be nice to people....that will get me all the places I want to go in my career, says Milligan

A conversation with rising country performer Drake Milligan about all things regarding the epic, near 18-minute long film called “Dreamsville” –which features tracks from his debut, self-titled EP — includes also discussing how much his video bears both timeless and modern inspirations. Foremost, in regards to this notion which guides much of the creative inspiration for his latest video, he offers the following note: “For pretty much my whole life, because of streaming, I could keep my [musical] palate satiated by not listening to brand new stuff but by discovering classic artists. So by merging my traditional influences, guys like George Strait, Alan Jackson, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Roger Miller, Roy Rogers, and Gene Autry with a few modern influences — guys like Josh Turner and Easton Corbin — I’m hoping to create something unique and new.” Digging deeper into his EP allows for much longer, nuanced conversation, though. In addition, it offers a great sense of how proper planning inspires pristine execution.

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