OFFSTAGE: Kellie Pickler Guests on CMT’s Bounty Hunters

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So far, we know this about Kellie Pickler: She can sing and she can dance. But did you know she can play a pretty convincing cartoon fugitive, too? I had a chance to ask Pickler what it was like to play a role on CMT’s new animated series Bounty Hunters , and she explained all about her character named Daisy. “She’s very curvaceous and has a lot of big, blond hair,” she said. “She doesn’t look anything like me, but I wasn’t playing Kellie Pickler, so they could make her look like anything. Daisy is a pig thief, but it was so much fun to play this role.” Pickler joined the regular cast of funnymen Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry The Cable Guy plus the always hilarious Lisa Lampanelli, who Pickler is dying to meet. And she even said she’d consider doing more Bounty Hunters episodes down the road because voicing a character is so quick and easy.

“You’re in and out, and since there are no cameras, there’s no need to be pretty,” she laughed.

Pickler’s episode, “Squeal of Love,” airs Saturday (Aug. 3) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CMT.

Besides playing a charming, curvy fugitive, Pickler told me she’s been busy touring and recording and even has her next single picked out — “Little Bit Gypsy,” which her husband Kyle Jacobs wrote.

“He calls me his little gypsy,” she said.

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