Billy Ray Cyrus Offers Farm to Justin Bieber

Country Singer Wants to Reach Out to Pop Star

Billy Ray Cyrus is on Team Bieber. In an interview with , Cyrus even went so far as to offer Justin Bieber his Tennessee farm as a private sanctuary.

“I do care about him a lot,” Cyrus said. “(Bieber) and his dad, if he wants to bring him, should meet me down at my farm in Tennessee. We should go up to the teepee, all of us have a couple of four-wheelers, build a great big bonfire, watch the hawks and the deer and the turkey, refocus a little bit.”

The country singer added, “Sometimes getting back to nature can do that. I’m going to offer it up to him. If he wants to come down to the farm and get away for a little bit, I think it’d be great. I’d meet him there. I’ll build the fire. I’ll gas up the four-wheelers.” And I think he genuinely means it.

Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach on Jan. 23 for drag racing a Lamborghini on a residential street, while under the influence of a heady mix of alcohol, marijuana and Xanax.

“When Kurt Cobain died, I think we could all see that train coming off the track. There’s been several that’s happened to. I look back and [think of] Michael Jackson. I wanted so bad to reach out to Michael Jackson, and I knew his kids watched Hannah Montana. I wanted to invite them to the set, become his friend and maybe be something in his life,” he said. “But sometimes you just stand back and you just watch these things happen.”

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