Do Celebrities Wait in Concert Lines Like the Rest of Us?

And Other Questions After Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake Catch Garth Brooks’ Shows

When I see a celebrity at a concert, I always wonder the same things:

How’d they get their tickets?

Did they wait in front of their computer until the very second they went on sale and then wait in that torturous virtual queue?

Or did they call someone … who called someone who called someone?

Do they wait in line for merch?

If they get thirsty, do they buy their own beer?

If they get hungry, do they buy their own nachos?

Where do they park? And do they sneak in through a secret door at the venue?

And when they have to go, do they go to the same restrooms we do?

Those mysteries still aren’t answered, but one thing I do not have to wonder about is whether they sing along. Because we all saw Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga doing just that at Garth Brooks’ shows and then tweeting about it.

In a recent interview, Brooks shared his thoughts about having those famous folks in the audience at his concerts.

“You could not ask for either one of those to be a better fan in the seat than they were,” he told ABC News Radio. “They paid great respect to me as an artist but blended in with the rest of the fans, which is a big statement for them because they are extraordinary people. They love music. You can tell.”

Brooks said Timberlake sang along to every word and spent ample time trying to capture the show on video.

“He filmed the whole thing,” Brooks said.

As for Gaga, her enthusiasm for the music sounds like it was at an all-time high. (Which is good, because can you imagine sitting next to her if she’d been bored stiff?)

“I didn’t think I was gonna keep her off the stage,” Brooks said. “She was so fired up. Her security was getting mad at her because she kept running, screaming, yelling. She was having a great time.”