Faith Hill: J. Mendel and a Healthy Cervical Spine

Why Her Neck Scar Looks Good on Her

After the recent Academy Awards, everyone was searching Faith Hill. (Her short pixie cut was, in fact, the most-searched hairstyle of the night, according to Google.)

People were searching for answers. What was she wearing? How classy is her new haircut? And what was that not-so-little scar on her neck?

Hill’s plunging neckline on her J. Mendel beaded gown at the Oscars did nothing to camouflage the obvious two-inch scar on her neck. And according to People, that scar is new and the result of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. It is the kind of surgery done to treat damaged cervical discs in the very top part of the spine to relieve pressure on the nerves or the spinal cord.

Hill, who was at the Oscars with husband Tim McGraw, had the surgery last month to correct damage that came from an old injury. She’d had a surgery to correct the problem in 2011, in the back of her neck, but this time the procedure was done in the front.

It’s obviously great that Hill is taking care of herself but also that she’s not ashamed of the scar. She could’ve doubled up that Lorraine Schwartz diamond necklace she was wearing, turning it into a makeshift choker to hide the scar. But she didn’t. Because she’s a real woman with normal problems, and she’s honest.

And that kind of honesty was the sexiest thing she had on that night.