How to Pick Up Chicks (at CMT)

Party Down South’s Walt Practices His Pickup Lines

Walt may have lost Hott Dogg to Daddy, but that doesn’t mean he’s giving up on his dating game. Before he goes back out there, we gave Walt the chance to try his pickup lines on us for good measure.

We also had a chance to sit down with Walt and have a more serious, Barbara Walters moment.

What’s your biggest turnoff?

My biggest turn-off is a woman that’s really bitchy, whiny and complains a lot. And also dips.

What’s your biggest turn-on?

Different girls can have different vibes. Maybe, if you see a girl with black hair and green eyes, you’re like, “Is that real? Can I find out? Let me find out.”

When you’re at the bar, what kind of girl are you looking to meet?

When I’m at the bar, I’m not really looking for anything. I just grab a beer and chill in a casual spot where I can see the whole floor. If something catches my eye, then I’m going fishing.

I have seen a couple of ladies in the produce aisle, and I’ve heard that’s the only place you can find them in the grocery store.

Could you ever date a fan?

Yes and no. Not someone who’s totally obsessed.

I’m not exactly sure why anyone would get all fan-girl on me. However, I might date someone who likes that I’m in the spotlight but not take it overboard. I guess it could go either way.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Carrie Underwood had my heart for a long time, but she’s married now. Other than that, I’ve never really had a celebrity crush. I don’t really know how to answer this because I don’t have television and I’ve never had cable.

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