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What’s in Miranda Lambert’s Closet?

And Just How Redneck Is She?

Oh, Glamour. You took the questions right out of my mouth. I love that when you caught up with Miranda Lambert on the ACM Awards red carpet, you asked her what was in her closet.

And I love that her answer wasn’t a long list of designers. It was just the two essentials.

“Cowboy boots and sequins,” she said. “I’m from Texas. I mean, obviously! That’s pretty clear, right?”

Which makes a lot of sense when you think about her latest single, “Little Red Wagon,” and how it paints a picture of a man who might only love her for what’s on the outside — her big sunglasses, Tony Lamas, long blond hair and her apron.

That’s not what she wore on the ACM red carpet, though.

What she wore was a soft platinum floor-length gown — with a neckline down to there and a leg slit up to there — from Indian-American designer Bibhu Mohapatra.

And while Lambert knew who designed it, she wasn’t about to mispronounce it on a red carpet.

“I’m literally too redneck,” she admitted. “I can’t pronounce it!”

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