Kacey Musgraves on Texas Thanksgiving Traditions

Country Living Has Her Country Essentials

Of course she has a vintage pink car that she worked on with her dad. And obviously her three-legged rescue dog wears a pearl necklace. And yes she has quite a few pairs of cowboy boots. Those are the kinds of things I’ve come to expect from Kacey Musgraves.

But in the newest issue of Country Living, I discovered some other cool things about the country singer.

Her backyard essentials include a chunky scarf and a steaming mug of spiked hot chocolate. (Spiked with what, she doesn’t say.) Her snacking staple is a $9 jar of pickles called Big John’s Habanero Chips, which she claims she could eat 700 of. (If that’s true, and she looks the way she looks, I’m starting my Habanero Chip diet tomorrow.)

She also tells the magazine what her Thanksgiving meal will include: A deep fried and Cajun-spiced turkey, plus everyone’s November favorite, a sweet potato casserole.

“And don’t forget the marshmallows,” she says. “I come from Golden, the sweet potato capital of Texas.”