Steven Tyler Will Go “Red, White & You”

Rocker's First Country Co-Write Coming Soon

Steven Tyler fans — country and otherwise — will love this news. The follow-up single to his country debut “Love Is Your Name” is already on its way to a radio station near you.

Country radio stations will have the new tune “Red, White & You” on Jan. 25, but you can stream it online beginning Jan. 22.

This is the first time Tyler’s fans will be able to hear what country sounds like from his pen. Because he co-wrote this song with Nathan Barlowe, Levi Hummon and Jon Vella.

“First off, I understand people will recognize my voice is that guy from Aerosmith, or in some cases, that guy from Idol,” Tyler said in a recent radio interview. “But where your heart lies, where your mindset is, what I’ve learned, my experiences of music just leads me to another genre.”

He admits that may seem strange to some people, but he’s still going to go for it.

“I’ve just wanted to drop into this comfortable shoe for a long time, and I’ve been welcomed and accepted into the fold of Nashville and the magic of its music,” he said.