Kacey Musgraves: “It’s a Long Story”

Singer Reveals Her Underwear Song

At a recent Kacey Musgraves show in Texas, she got serious for a second about the struggles she had to overcome when she first moved to Nashville.

Namely, a friend who stole all her things, including her underwear.

“It’s a long story,” she warned the crowd. But then she told it anyway.

“When I first moved to Nashville, (a friend) stole a bunch of shit from me and was dumb enough to post all these pictures of herself in my clothes on Facebook. Anyway, I caught her,” Musgraves said. “Nothing really happened with it. They issued a warrant, but then they never found her.”

About the panties, though. “I won’t get too awkward here, but I have this matching bra and underwear set. She literally did take the panties from the set and put that on Facebook, too,” she said, adding, “I did write a song about it.”

It’s called “Five Finger Discount,” and it may not ever make it on to a record or the radio, but sounds like Musgraves has poured both her sense of humor and her past into the song.

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