Dolly Parton Reflects on Being Revered

Iconic Entertainer Talks About Inspiring Others

LAS VEGAS — On Sunday’s (April 3) Academy of Country Music Awards, Dolly Parton was presented the Tex Ritter Award and performed with pop star Katy Perry.

But when the show was over and she came to talk to reporters and share her thoughts on those two big moments on the ACM stage, Parton reflected more on the kind of person she is offstage.

Christopher Polk/ACM2016/Getty Images for dcp
“You never know when you start out in this business if you’re even gonna make it,” Parton said. “Then as you get ’bout midways, and you see that you are gonna make it, then you wonder what you might be like when you’re older and how people will think of you and if you’ve left a good legacy.

“It makes me feel real proud to think I might’ve done something right. And I’m very touched by all that — that I’ve been an inspiration,” she said of some of the adoration she’d received from the younger artists at the show.

And making a duets album with some of those younger artists might not be a bad idea, Parton said.

“I’m just not selling that many records these days, and they are,” Parton laughed. “So maybe that’s how I could sell more records: Just get young girls — and hang on to their dress tails.”

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