Keith Urban Remembers Prince

He Tells CMT's Cody Alan, "That Catalog of His Is Just Mind-Blowing"

Like countless artists from all musical genres, Keith Urban is a longtime Prince fan who made it a point to see the music icon in concert.

Urban was about to be interviewed by CMT’s Cody Alan when the news broke that Prince had died Thursday morning (April 21) at his Paisley Park residence in Minnesota at age 57.

“The very first time I saw him was on MTV,” Urban says. “‘1999’ was the song and the video. … That period, you saw so many artists come and go — one-hit wonder sort of thing. There was something so immediate about that track and about him and the way that he performed, and it was no surprise that that was going to be something of legend. That catalog of his is just mind-blowing.”

Cody Alan, Keith Urban

Prince sold more than 100 million records during his career and won an Academy Award for best original song score for Purple Rain in 1985.