Sam Hunt: “You Only See Romantic Snapshots”

Newcomer Reveals Intense Adjustment to Stardom

You know how you always see those slick red carpet pictures, or the brooding shots of an artist on an album cover, or the million dollar tour buses rolling down the highway?

Well it turns out, there’s another side to that story.

Not a bad one, per se. Just another one.

When Entertainment Weekly talked with Sam Hunt about how he adjusted to his practically overnight success, he said, “It was intense.”

Mostly because he’d only ever seen the good stuff. He never knew what was really going on behind the scenes.

“I didn’t know what to expect having not been an artist before,” Hunt said. “From the outside, you only see romantic snapshots of what seems like a great lifestyle, and it is, but it’s also grueling.”

As much as I love music, I had to do some adjusting. Now I’m hoping to enjoy the moment a little more.”

Miranda Lambert, who is on the road for some shows with Hunt and Kenny Chesney, said that even though Hunt’s the opener, she likes to follow his lead.

“Watching somebody who’s great at what they do puts a fire under my ass,” Lambert said.