What Thomas Rhett Learned From His Dad

Five Lessons He Keeps in His Heart

With Father’s Day right around the corner on Sunday (June 19), I had the chance to ask a few country artists what they have loved about and learned from their fathers.

First up is Thomas Rhett, whose father Rhett Akins is a singer-songwriter himself. And here are the five lessons Thomas Rhett learned from him:

1. “My dad has always encouraged me to find a woman who loves me for me, even before I was doing anything in music. He encouraged me to find a girl who liked all my quirks, and to find a girl I never had to pretend in front of. I found her. The Lord just kind of paired me and Lauren together, and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

2. “I’ve always been a worrier. Whether it’s been a test I had to study for or a paper I had to write or a decision I had to make about what song to put on the radio. Dad has always said to trust my gut. It’s a scary thing, but he’d tell me, ’If that’s what you feel in your heart, you should do it.’ He’s always helped to calm me down.”

3. “Watching him work his butt off his whole life helped me learn from the best growing up. He had major successes and major failures. You learn a lot about someone when you see how they react to something they didn’t plan. And that’s really rubbed off on me. Because there are things behind the scenes that do not go my way whatsoever. And how you respond to the negativity is what makes you who you are.”

4. “Growing up raised in the church, and then as I got older, my dad always encouraged me to find my own faith. He’d tell me to believe in the things you can’t see and how you can let go and believe that the big man has it under control. Life gets easier when you do that.”

5. “You are who you are because of your family. So my dad calls me five or six times a year and reminds me, ’Call your grandma today, it’s her birthday.’ Or, ’Did you congratulate so-and-so?’ He’s better at it, so I like that he reminds me: This is where you came from. These are your roots.”

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