What Happens When Blake Shelton Has a Map and Vodka

Plays a "Bunch of Country Music" in Kansas City Before Heading to Denver

On Wednesday (July 27) morning, Blake Shelton asked his fans where he should go.

“Hmmmm…. Well .. Let’s play a game y’all,” he tweeted. “I have the day off and a map of the United States in front of me. Where should I go?”

The teasing tweets went on all morning, with Shelton making it seem like he was considering all kinds of spontaneous options for what to do with his free time.

It turns out, the day off was all part of his plan to play a free show in Kansas City to launch his partnership with Smithworks Vodka.

Shelton continued the tweets all day long, even asking the vodka maker to send more to Kansas City.

According to the Kansas City Star, Shelton played Whiskey Tango, a country bar in Grain Valley.

“Something always happens when we play here,” he told the newspaper. “There’s just a party-type atmosphere, and people seem to be in a good place all the time in Kansas City. I don’t know why it is; it’s just every time you come here you feel like something is going to happen.”

When he arrived in the afternoon, he said, there were only about 80 people lined up. The bar holds 2,500.

“I thought, ‘Man, maybe no one is going to show up,’ but it looks like there’s cars around here, so maybe they’ll be here. But you know, 10 people or 10,000, I just want to play some country music.

“Get up there without a plan,” he said, “and just play a bunch of country music tonight.”

The plan went so well, he’s planned another impromptu show for Thursday night.

Check out some of the photo highlights from Wednesday’s show:

Fernando Leon/Getty Images for Pernod Ricard
Fernando Leon/Getty Images for Pernod Ricard
Fernando Leon/Getty Images for Pernod Ricard
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