Luke Bryan Launches Farm Tour With a Broken Clavicle

The Greenback Show Must Go On

Friday (Oct. 7) at 12:42 a.m., with only one percent of his phone battery left, Luke Bryan posted the ugliest picture he’s probably ever taken.

It’s of an x-ray of his clavicle.

The caption says it all.

Early Thursday night, he’d shared with his fans that his clavicle was indeed broken but said he’d still be performing.

“Broken clavicle,” Bryan wrote on social media. “All good. Show is a go. I’ll just have my arm in a sling.”

He’d also explained to his Farm Tour crowd at Maple Lane Farms in Greenback, Tennessee, what had happened.

“I had a little mishap today, Tennessee. I was riding a bike and I broke my damn collarbone. Not good. I got me a souvenir Blount Memorial Hospital bracelet,” he said of the local hospital that treated him.

“You know what the best thing for a broken bone is? Whiskey. Ain’t that right? Or some East Tennessee moonshine,” he said before going on with the show.

The Farm Tour continues Friday in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.