The Humbling Effect of The Voice

Garth Brooks Says "It's Crazy"

When Garth Brooks was on The Voice on Monday night (Nov. 14), he had an epiphany.

If the show’s contestants had been around when Brooks was trying to get his foot in the door in Nashville, in the late ’80s, he said might not have had the same kind of career. In fact, he said he might not have had a career at all.

“It’s crazy,” Brooks said. “If the talent pool was this deep when I was looking for my record deal, I’d have never got one.”

And while Brooks spent the whole live episode in awe of the contestants, Blake Shelton was in awe of Brooks.

“He’s had such an impact on the music industry. This guy is the music industry. And it’s so great to have him here,” Shelton said.

Brooks spent the night doling out advice to the top 12 contestants and worked with the coaches to make every performance the best it could be. While other key advisors throughout the show’s history seem to help the singers with just their singing, Brooks added to that by teaching them how to put on a show.

Or, as he puts it, show them exactly what it is “that creates that magic.”

When contestant We McDonald wanted to sing Hozier’s “Take Me to Church,” Brooks told her to start the song on the piano, but then after the first verse, stand up and grab that microphone.

“Stand. Start. Pow,” he told her.

Other stand outs included Sundance Head on Maren Morris’ “My Church,” Billy Gilman on Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” and Josh Gallagher on Jason Aldean’s “Why.”

The Voice is the true test of sincerity,” Brooks said. “That’s what I love about this show, man. Everybody’s in it for the kid that has the dream.”

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